I am.....

In a couple of months I will be giving birth to a baby boy, conceived from punters....

Being it's a boy he will be put up for adoption.....

I have a family in mind that would dearly love a child of their own.....

So.....I'll continue until I have a girl...

Amber x
AmberDuponte AmberDuponte
26-30, F
7 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Good you are so positive you provide a great social service. Yours is one of the most honourable professions

****** up

So, are you getting close? Had your baby? I pray that all is well.

Nice to know you're in pregnant. Hope everything is fine

I hope it all goes well Amber, we'll all be thinking of u!

Congrats on the pregnancy. You make men happy and you are going to make a family happy. So you still seeing clients while you're pregnant. I'd love to have a pregnant woman.

Wow! Sounds like a good plan.
Good luck and best wishes. :-)