December1st is a favrite day for me. Its wen we start puttin up some Christmas decerations inside.we put it around all the windows n doorways and on the ceeling..we also put up lites on the windows,it mite take a cuple days cause MnD hav boxes of stuff..;). I love helpin,and it keeps me sooooo happy to..see ya kool buds.....
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

i love to help mom do the decerations. we got a tree and lots of stuff

ya it is. mom is leting my do replys on storys she oks

ya we know. lego was the 1st kid mom let me add

thats great kaydee! me and kev help to. the ouside lights are all up and the tree done so far. we got more to do on the inside but its on hold til kev is better. ya gettin ready for christmas is lots of fun. good story haha .