::: Our::: Christmas::: Tree:::

Before i was born my parents planted a hundred trees near the forest tree line.wen i was old enuff i helped plant trees around the swamp..all difrent kinds..one kind was Christmas trees . ;))
Now lots of the trees are perfect for cuttin and put in the house at Christmas time...even thou we dont like harming nature,we cut only the ones we planted and we always plant mor.. the smell of fresh tree in the house for the holidays,is just as kool as the decerations and kandy and food...its dads turn to pick the tree, we take turns. So I'll be busy cuttin and deceratin the tree on Sunday...in the spring we will plant some more.!!! Story by kaydee..
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

awsome story !!! thats how to do it. christmas is for family & friends .

good story. hope ur dad picked a nice tree

im happy to like it. ur storys are cool. even mom says so