I came to ep because mom told me about it.She sayed it would help me with my writing and spelling.. Its working,but,there was a very special benefit,,I made frends and they are fun and funny,,,I never ask them for things,and they never ask me for stuff,, we trust each other and have genuine care for each other and our other frends!!! .............So here is how you get blocked,,dont ask for pics,or phone numbers,or were I live!!! Don't tell me were you live or send me pics,and I never wanna talk to you on the phone!! This is a fun place,and that's all I want it to be!! ...I had to block someone because they sent me there phone number," incase" I wanted to talk!! I only talk here,,you will probably see this story,so now you know why I blocked you!!!!
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Rule #1 on internet safety, never give out personal info to anybody, quite right Kaydee - keep safe!

kaydee gots some great points! bein safe on here is top rule. no giving out or asking for info that helps peep find where u live. including phone numbs. JUST DONT DO IT. ok im not getting in the fight so thats it haha .

woa! tyler said for me to come here but im not gettin in any wars

this is a awsome group TJ. i dont know what its about but we protect each other here. just bad timing is all. we wana keep this club safe for all kids. i hope u will do ur own story so we can play together haha .