These are the pack rules and guidelines. 

WARNING: These rules may be subject to change if a pack member wrongs the pack or the fact that there may be something in need of revision. If there is a change, pack members will be notified.




1. Be Respectful


2. Do not cause trouble on EP or within the pack. Violators of this rule may be ******** of rank and/or kicked out of the pack


3. Always mind your superiors and/or elders


4. Repeat offenses will result in eviction from the pack


5. Inactivity will result in a suspension unless a reason for inactivity is provided


6. All pack members must participate in the pack challenge, if you are unable to complete or participate in the challenge, please tell an alpha ASAP and we will provide either an extension on the challenge or excuse you from the challenge all together depending on your situation.


7. Warnings for inactivity will be given upon entry into the pack. All suspensions and so on will never be sudden as I have warned you before entry as well as within the rules. But I will not warn you again.


8. Members will be expected to check on pack website and/or group on EP for updates regularly. I do not send gifts often, so you must take it upon yourself to look and remain aware.


9. If members are to be suspended, I will gauge this on how active they are if any other pack challenges (of which they participated in). Depending on this, I will wait one to two weeks at the earliest to suspend a pack member and/or issue them a warning.


10. This is not school, you are expected to act accordingly. Questions will gladly be answered by alphas or another experienced member. But do not expect to be coddled. We do care and will be there as friends/family, but we aren't your babysitters.


11. Mates within the pack or not are okay, BUT, you cannot just find someone you like, and say: "This is my mate" you can do so elsewhere, but not here. You can call them your boyfriend or girlfriend, but until you've lasted a minnimum of four months with only minor complications within your relationship, you cannot call them a mate. 


12. (Relating to rule number 1) Respect everyone's desicions, religions, opinions, and sexuality.  You don't have to agree on it or anything like that, but you certainly cannot go around and be an *** towards them.  That will result in either a first and final warning on the matter, or an eviction from the pack all together depending on the sevartiy of the offence. 

DarkCelestriaRose DarkCelestriaRose
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013