Ok so the ranks are as followed.

Alpha male-Raziel
Alpha female- girlblood

Alpha Gaurd- Kaisonwolf

Beta male-
Beta female- Wolfie39

Male delta-
Female delta-

Male omega-
Female omega-8cylinders


I have added the rank limbo. This is a rank that means you've been accepted but we need time to place you in the upper ranks. Thank you for your patients.

More ranks will be given out as the pack grows. Now remember this is a family pack. The reason we have ranks is to help with problems or questions. If the alphas are not on then the topic or situation goes down the ladder. Thank you for your help in making this pack strong.
Razielwolf Razielwolf
26-30, M
20 Responses Jan 21, 2013

thanks Kaisonwolf, its been a long time, i am glad that im still welcome

hey is me girlblood, ive made a new profile because i cant remember my old pasword plz add me

Has anyone heard from raz? Sorry ive been absent too

Raz...if u are there and getting this, plz just let me know u are ok....ive been worried sick and i still am....literally im sick from worrying....and i cant cope with the situation with my dad alone...plz raz

when the last time u heard from him I been texting him message him for over a month

Yeah...where is Raz. I got only one alpha to guard now..

raz where r u

hey raz

Wonder what rank I'd be

Thank u raz for letting me in

Nice pack here raz

Hey raz would u plz add me to the ranks

Nice pack you got here

Was that sarcasm??

No being series... My pack has 7 members

Ok it's hard to tell via text.

Yeah that's true

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Hey raz I know how to set it up so that most people trying to track you will find me instead, because if physical harm is threatened, I would rather be the one to deal with it. (If nothing else I want to test my new rapier when I get it...a hand to hand fight is fun and all, but I really want to see if such a goofy weapon has any use in melee combat haha, an extendable rapier...)
Both my past lives that I know of were very physical, and my current life is no exception, I thrive on fighting.

Really raz. This dump is where you live now? Well I really thought you would have manned up here. But I was foolish. You know Tim's arm is broken and it looks as if you chrushed his wind pipe. Shame.. Tim liked you. And John. I'm sure when he wakes he wont have pleasant things to say. .Raz. did you call the cops. Really..... and me here. With all this artiliry. Ok ok. You win this one but your only delaying this.

Just stop it. And go home. After you get out...if you get out

Oh razzie. Its been too long. Look at you. You have a nice little family. I Nsf to join bust as soon as I heard you'd surfaced. And on a site like this no less. Tisk tisk. Drop me a line. We have business to descuss. And razzie. I have the names of the people you love. So don't try to overlook this.

Umm. Hello. I think you have me confused with someone else

....or hes a stalker....

No. I think ive finally found you after 3 years. Fir you really think I could forget about the nasty sleazy mutt that ruined my life!!!! No. But after a few Yeats of wanting you dead I realized I don't want you to die. I Wang you to live with the lain that you have caused me. You really don't know who this is. I mean what's in a name?

What?! Wth! Who are you?

If have a problem with my mate come discuss it with me!!

Allen...... I see that broken hand is still giving you trouble. Listen bub that was a long time ago. Lets just part ways like we should have then. You don't need this and nither do i.

Raziel, who is he?!!

Ohhh. Razzie has a mate. How cute. And your name is???

And razzie. I do need this. How can you think for a second that this is going to just magicly disappear.

**** off!! >:( what is your problem?!

Back off my sister and her mate *growls*

Guys. It's ok just back off of him please. Ill handle this

Why are you after him?!

*sits and watches quietly*

Haha what loyal pets you have there razzie. Do they not know this is real. Haha. I hear tour living in Indiana now. Got a cushie job in some factory. That's sweet. Well raz. I know we go way back so imma give you one hint and maybe a head start. IM IN LOUISVILLE KY. ABOUT TO CROSS THE BRIDGE start running you piece of ****

*growls* you better not touch either one of them

Oh, he don't know who he's messing with. I not an innocent girl when I get angry! He better back the **** off!!!

Oh HELL noooo!!!!!!!

I'm with you sister! Loyal pet! Ha you wish!

Allen. We don't have to do this. Just go home.!!! Morn your lost ones. Let the past be the past !!!

If you touch him, I swear on my life your going to wish you never knew raziel!!!

I with you sis

Listen to all those taping pups raz control hour heard or why have you. This is my only warning. Anyway. By my Intel I should be there with in one half hour. Stay,run,it doesn't matter. Ill be seeing you

Pup!! Haha wow, you really don't know huh? Ha get a life!

**** you Allen GO HOME

I'm not a pup and I warn you not to touch my family

He is a scared fool! Damn I swear it will be the end for him if he touches my raziel!!

Guys. Listen don't say anything to this guy he's smart. And he's got resources. Please for me just ignore him. He wants to hurt the ones I love. And wants me to watch. Don't give him anything no name no state no nothing got it!!!!

OK it is appearant that the only 2 who have a real clue to the truth is Raz and the piedpiper....Everyone else is out of the loop...

Grr, I know what's going on, so he better back the **** off or I swear!!!

LOUISVILLE KY...Interesting.
Raz, I demand you keep me in the loop and bring me up to date.
I don't need his location or anything, though if you happen to have it I won't have to trouble myself.
It just so happens That I very well may be passing through there. Of course he may be lying...but whats that to a IP scan eh?

It is an old score...the piper guy did his homework...He's on his way now to Raz...No one on here can intervene.

Well all I have to say is if he has any more issues with raziel he has to come through me first and that's a promise!

Damn! >.< oh I swear on my life he is going to be sorry!!

No one here can intervene? Morph my old friend I can always intervene...He needs a plane to get to Raz, it wouldn't be the first time I hacked into the airport systems...I've closed down entire airports before, they blamed it on "country wide technical dificulties." So if I can't intervene physically I can still intervene technologically.

Estella you friended the guy....The score is ancient...by now this guy has all your data mined...each and everyone of you....He knows where ya'll are...I know I can mine ya'lls data I have the appropriate programs to do so.
Everyone of you needs to bloxk him and change your IP addresses NOW!!!

He messed with the wrong family

Ohh, this is it for him!

Guys. Stop. Disperse. Please. Go about your life as if nothing happened

Mindbender he is about 10 minutes out......He planned it perfectly....I'll give him credit...He did his homework well.

Raziel I love you, but this guy is over!! I mean it!!

Sis calm yourself please

There isn't no calming down to it, I'm sorry but his *** is going to pay!!

Yes there is! Remember last time!

Damn I'm going to rip his throat out and watch him suffer! >.

Oh how funny...his real time location isn't far from my actual destination, and there doesn't seem to be any way for him to get away from there before the approximate time I get there....
I kinda wish I could hack into local security cameras, but it looks like there is a cell phone not too far from him...I can track him through there, gotta love cell phone tech.

it cost me about $200 bucks for that cell tracing crap, this is only the second time I have used it so bare with me.

Thank you mindwarper!

Ya'll respect Raz...disperse from this page.......I am not I his inner sanctum...2+ minutes and counting.

Hey raz, estrella...do you mind if I trace you guys? If so do you have cell phones around you? I don't need your numbers just need to know if you have any, I can't trace home phones just cell phones.

Grr! He I so going to pay!

Sis listen to grandfather! This isn't going to help anything

I mean if you guys don't want me to know where you live I can totally respect that.

Estrellla will be his next target after he subdues Raz!

Don't worry guys. I'm sure everything will turn out fine, alright?


I'm breathing but I swear if touches him...let me shut up! >.

Yes. Im just guessing here, but Estrella lives in a different country to Raz, right? Ifsome things happens, there willl be enough time to get her to saftey

Raz should be getting his defenses about finished by now...Mindbender try and slow him down.

Well he can come and find me if he wants, cause don't worry I have people...lots of them. ;)

And he probably won't. I've had people threaten me like that before (Found out where I lived) and I'm still here today.

Yay well I wish he would even tried! Lol

I'm working on it, kind of a hastle, gotta skirt around some of the security stuff...things have really changed since 5 years ago thats for sure...I knew defensive technology grew quickly but sheesh...aI haven't done most of this stuff for 5 years, save for the phone thing which like I said I only used it once recently.

It's ok guys. Allen's smart but I have home turf. It's almost over.

I had two people threaten me yesterday, one attacked me in my college's parking lot the other has yet to say anything else.

Well thank you mindwarper!

I think he may have ditched his phone, because it's not really moving... and there aren't any phones moving in a logical route from that general location...

Also, it's not a good idea to mess with flights. These days it's hard enough to hack into ea without getting caught. Plus some one might really need to be some where, for example a funeral, and you would be stopping them. I understand why your doing it, but just let Raz take car of it?


I someho doubt anyone has a funeral to get to between the two locations... The most I imagine I can affect are bussiness meetings...and while that would suck, I can't imagine it being that bad, I mean the last time I had a delayed flight for a business meeting the people accepted my friends apology...(haha it wasn't for me, it was my friend, I've never been to an overseas business meeting, i've only been overseas visiting.)
I've never hacked into ea, but from what I understand your right, I mean EA used to be very simple from what I heard.

He's fine Estrella, dont worry. He will be able to handle it.

I hope so!

I'm fine.

Babe I love you!!

Well technologically he had nothing stopping me from tracing him, the cell phone bit is the hardest thing I have ever done, you have to first find the location, find phones owned in a location, find out the numbers to each phone, then the real tricky part, just finding who owns the phone does no good, because I actually have to figure out which number belongs to which location,it'd be easier if security cameras were more useful and in an exact location. The only way I can garantee access to him is if I could get ahold of his phone, install my software into it, then I could trace him at all times. You can't do most of this stuff with disposable phones like I have though...

About 3 years ago I got into Ea and got Mass effect 1 and all the sims 2 stuff. It wa a good time.

Love u too

I'm glad your okay, I was very worried!

ha, well if you torrented it you might be the person I got ME from before I decided to pay the company for making the game haha.

Y'all are very sneaky huh? Lol

You had me worried too Raz, I still haven't traced your location, because you never gave me the thumbs up, and I don't want to invade Estrella's mates privacy.

I always feel kinda bad. Anyway, I got it on a steam sale about a month ago, so my crimes has been lifted.

Things worked out. I know my woods. And he doesn't. I had the cops back me up this time. I'm just glad I only had to subdue people. And I'm very glad I didn't rebrake any ribs.

Glad your okay Raz. You going to explain wha the was all about?

I'm glad your safe!

haha, funny thing is I'm the guy who preaches honor and integrity and al lthat stuff, but have nothing against pirating software like that (If I like the game I buy it and support the company, if I don't I delete it or share it with the pirates)
When I was 13 I got into hacking and kept it up until I was 17 or 18, I mean I now am training to become a cop, and Buddhism kinda is against thievery so it'd be bad for my spiritual path to continue such activities for dishonest purposes.

Ok this is me being totally confused, u talk about raz's mate but its me, not lostcilena so can someone plz enlighten me

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Quick question. Since there's no delta what happens to me and my mate rank wise. We're the omegas

Well. I'm thinking if moving you to up lol

Ok lol was just curious

Thanks! :3

Your welcome lol

Just as a reminder guys and gals. I work a human job. It takes a lot of my time I sometimes can't get to fixing or updating the ranks as often as I'd like please bare with me.

Thank you for allowing us to join and giving us ranks :)

Soo happy thankss ;) for giving us this chance to be in ur wonderful pack

Your welcome.

Smiling so big it hurts right now!! Thank you so much!

Welcome. Lol

I think you might have to make a new one since we have foxen in our pack now. ^.^