Can This Be My First Pack?

My human name is amber rose I am 14 and I have never been part of a pack. I m change all the time. My strengths are dancing and I am really strong for my age. I really would like this to be my first pack. I never really have been part of anything cause everybody seems to see I am different and my lack of intrest in human things. I have always been a animal person an I am always in the woods I can smell things before they approch hear to. Well that's really it hope I can be in this pack ;)
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18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I believe we will have a position for you. Let me get to work on the ranks page

Really soo I am part of the pack

I believe it's ok with my mate so yes. I will work on a rank later tonight


Hello. You are awfully young. But let me and my mate get to know you ok

Okay ask me anything I will answer ;)

Well what's your wolfs name and personality.

My wolf name is starlin and what exactly do u wanna know bout my personality

Like playful serious. Smart ***. What?? Lol

Playfull allways smart to I like to watch out for the other wolfs I play with make sure they dont get hurt in the woods or something I like racing and play wrestling lolxz

That's cool. Have you ever had a mate as a wolf

No not for sure but I keep seeing this one male that I am always playing with but I am not really sure

That's cool. Please add me and my mate add we will discuss it ok it may be a day before you hear from us btw Estrella is my mate at the top of this form.

I kno I have her she is amazing ur a lucky person

Thank u. I feel the same about her.

Ur welcome thanks for considering me and taking the time to get to kno me

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