Anyone Can Join If You Share At Least One Story!!!

GOOD NEWS!!! I am a friend of the owner of "i am a member of the red moon clan" and she wants to make a few changes. me and her have both noticed that there isnt much going on so we have decided to accept anyone exept:
faries (soz girls. faries don't live in the bottom of the garden. don't cry :) )
goblens (nope)
dragons(nope. they were imagined up when people unearthed some weird shape bones. they gave them the name of dragons which turned out to be bones of dinos)
zombies(eeeeer. fake....AT THE MOMENT)
god (a state of mind)
the devil (a state of mind)
santa (soz kids, not real)
mermaids (fake)
julias ceaser (he's was a real person. got it!)
those who are overly religous (because most hate the very idea of somone draining anothers blood. i don't know why XD there is a long history with both and i wish it was fogotten)
orcs (lord of the rings...seriously?)
and shakespeare (yes i know he existed)

we do however exept:

and inbetween

we also exept:
and film directors

these changes have been made for you, the people at your desktops, on the train/plane/bus/toilet? and everywere else you may be. PLEASE DO JOIN!!! :) you are welcome any time. be pleasent with eachother and do send us your story!!! i'll comment on it and i'll make sure the owner reads it. till then...goodbye :D
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where do i write my story?

inbetween you meen like a I Dono were-pire or vamp-wolf

We're just referred to as hybrids :P