Im A Human Wanting To Be A Werewolf

hey im a normal human in australia i just wanted to know if there any werewolves out here that wanted to change me into one of them i have no problem with werewolves vampires or humans im just realy keen to meet a werewolf and a vampire. plz can one come and see me?
loneman1320 loneman1320
2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Ohh that's what you meen by wolf soul and you are born with it or aren't

you cant change it to a wolf you have to have the wolf spirit it is a gift but it is not to be given to anybody you have to be born with it

how do i know if ive got the wolf spirit

i know man i have known for a long time that wolves are somehow important to my life, i guess its just something you feel inside, like me i have the spirit of one for i have a lot in common

does having dreams of wolves like every night count do you think if so ive got it

the could be one

cool ill see what i can do to become a werewolf any suggestions

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