The Strangest Thing Ever

One day I was walching on the computer when I saw the ad for the werewolf vs vampire online game and I was thinking man I wonder if werewolfs exist so I researched a bit and saw that there where common things that happen to human form wherewolfs that I realized that I had all those and a few other things like great hearing and even an better sense of smell and I can see perfectly in the dark since then on all my free time I was learning about my kind
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I forgot to say videos at the start I was watching videos on the computer

yeah, ive seen that game. ive even played it. no offence to anyone reading this but it, in my opinian, is the worst game ive ever played. im surprised that it was only recently that you started wondering. most start as soon as they hear about them. you were right to do some research. the myths regarding werewolfs re more closer to the truth than the vampire myths. now, im going to ask you a few quistions, are you okay with this?

Sure but I am gone till 9 o'clock

Meet me at 9:00

im sorry, i can't meet you online then. its a bad time for me in my country. what about, same time tomorrow?

Ok ask away


Oh sry 6 o'clock it is

Hey are you there

Hey theinderstandingflower you there

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