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So to all the vampires do you just drink blood or do you half to eat food too???
Just a little curious
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depends on age on how much we need to drink and eating food Co-ops with not having blood mainly meat products med. Rare so it has blood in the meat,but not raw to make us sick.

I am a werewolf that likes blood is that normal

It is a little strange. How much do you like it?

I do both. But I haven't had blood in forever and I'm so parched D:

Oh and also when you bite someone do they actually become a vampire or is it just a mith

Myth. Vampirism like being a wolf is genetic. No bite or just a vampire drinking (using a knife) can cause it.

Hmm... Do vampires look different from humans in any way

Not at all

And the myth about that silver crap doesn't make sense why is silver diffrent from steel

Just like a steke for vampires it's a pointy stick like that's just stupide

Yeah, any things stabbing anything in the heart will kill it and any bullet would kill anything

Yes what is with mocking us to make a good movie

Idk it's kind of how hollywood makes their money

I was in a few groups and I saw that a werewolf thinks the government knows about us and watches us as to not create a war he did make a good point though

Well it's probably true. The government knows about everything, they just choose to hide it from people.

So vampires are actually immortal do you know if werewolf's are

As far as I know, Vampires aren't immortal. Some have lived multiple lives, but the actual immortality in movies, as far as I know, is false

What do you meen multiple life's

Past lives and such. I have.

Can you remember them

Some, but not all. And most not in very much detail.

Hmm can werewolf's do that too

Yeah. Even some humans have past lives. It's just a matter of reincarnation as some would call it.

Oh I

Sometimes have dreems where I am somebody else in a diffrent time piriode ecsept resently since about 3 months before I


Discoverd about being a ww I haven't had any dreems it's weard

Spry bout that I am on my iPod I keep taping post by acedent

Lol it's okay.

Man I did not know how many werewolf's and vampires there were my only contact changed his email without telling me the new one so are vampires fangs nodicable

I see. Well mine aren't. They aren't the same as human teeth, but they're not so different that it's noticeable.

I've lived estimate 9 lives it was easy to get killed in the romanticist era

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