(Hmm, I started writing this a couple weeks ago - and thought I'd submitted my story, but I don't see it ... So I'll try this again. ;D)

My SCA name is Medb, and I am from the shire of Cae Mor (within the principality of Tir Righ, within the kingdom of An Tir).

I love the SCA.  From the events, to the 'No ****; There I Was' stories, to the things I've been taught and learned, to the hobbies I've picked up, to the friends I've made.  It's been fantastic - and I've loved just about every minute of it.

SCA events are one of the best things to look forward to, for me. :)

My favourite recent experiences was back the end of November.  I went to an SCA demo in Burns Lake (for the Olympic Torch Relay thing [ick]), and it definitely wasn't the best of circumstances (I got into a car crash on the way there, totalled the vehical, and I'm just not a fan of the olympics); but between spending time with friends, explaining what the SCA was all about - and having a small child ask me if I was the princess (so incredibly cute); it turned out to be one heck of a time.

I find the SCA a beautiful, supportive, and chivalrous environment - things that seem to be sorely lacking in mundane life.

Medb Medb
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I wish that I could live every day as I do in the SCA.

The SCA is often the family people should have had. Supportive, comforting, helpful, not perfect but hey what is. I know I'm a better person for having found it. I've been involved for over 20 years and still enjoy it. It's an amazing melting pot of people from all walks of life.

I only learnt about the SCA just over 3 years ago, became involved in it almost 2 years ago when I was invited into an Archers household; Curvus Domus of Southron Gaard (Kingdom of Lochac). I love it :) My household is my family (And there could be no better family), I have learnt a lot, matured a lot, and met many of the best people I could ever hope to meet.

Been a member for 19 years... itr has changed my life for the better.... I am a better MAN and I know honor because of the people in the sca...