Help Please!!!

I live in Kentucky and I am having a hard time finding a group. I lived in Ohio and they were all over and now nothing...someone please let me know if they know of a group/groups in kentucky. South Oaken to be exact! Thanks!

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Hi there, I think you belong with the Shire of Dragonsmark, try this link and if for some reason it doesn't work just type in "Shire of Dragonsmark" and it should take you there no problem. They seem to be the main group in South Oaken area their website has "Shire of Dragonsmark, South Oaken, Middle Kingdom – Lexington, KY" listed on it, so I hope I'm sending you to the right place. Barony of the Flames might be the closest Barony to you

I wish you all the best :)

I'm afraid there's not much I can do (Northern BC, Canada), but try this:<br /><br />
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I hope that helps! <3<br />
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YIS<br />