Hi, I'm Aeluna, alpha female of Sunset Moon. Just thought I'd introduce myself...

Well, I'm white/grey with brown eyes. Also, I love to have a good laugh and a chat, so feel free to message me!
Aeluna Aeluna
13-15, F
2 Responses Oct 15, 2012

Can I join? If so, how?

Hello alpha Aeluna. I represent the DarkMoons pack, and feel as though I should negotiate an alliance of our packs.

yay! wow i'm bad in formal situations.

Haha! No need to feel as though you need to be formal when speaking with me. I'm no alpha. ^^

lolz :)

The offer stands.

Cool. My pack would love to take it up :)

Thank you. I will tell my alpha. ^-^

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