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To Jajp (veyolf)

You changed my life and destroyed my stress,
you took away pain and all the other mess.
your a close friend to me your friendly and kind,
i tell you my problems and im not left behind.
you treat me like a sister we watch each others backs,
we are both like each but we are from different packs.
i quit sunset moon im sorry we are upset,
i'll miss you the most as you are the best.
You succeed as alpha you do your job well,
growing and teaching your pack
they are strong i can tell.
i miss you all everyday you saved me from loner,
and from being a stray.
You helped me loads but theres more to say,
its good not bad and not to obey.
Thank you a bunch for what you have done,
being in sunset moon was really fun.
your like a brother i'll watch your back,
and protect you along with your pack.
i love you big bruv :)
greywolfpaws13 greywolfpaws13 13-15, F Nov 29, 2012

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