Was Hoping For The L T D Club, But I Ended Up Here

I realized at the age of six, in the locker room of the swimming pool where I took swimming lessons, that my penis was so much smaller than the other little boys my age. I knew that the rest of me looked pretty normal, and I expected that my penis would catch up. I had no idea of the social and sexual implications of having an under-sized member, as they would present themselves later. However, I knew that this was the most prominent physical characteristic of maleness, and that having such a small one was a bad thing.

As the years passed, I went from expecting to grow to desperately hoping to grow. I did grow into a tall, fit, and reasonably handsome young man. Girls and women older than me, by about age 17, were noticing me in a new way, with lust in their eyes from time to time.

By about age 14, I'd given up any hope of joining the Long Thick **** (LTD) Club, and I would have settled for average. However, I entered dating, then adulthood, and I remain today a member of the Teenie Weenie Peenie Club. I have the exact same penis that looked so small on my frame when I was a six year old boy. Now, it looks really silly on the frame of an otherwise manly man. I have to admit that. Put bluntly, I have a nice physique, hairy chest, otherwise normal body and the penis of a toddler.

So, I hid it as best I could for most of my life, experienced the kinds of humiliations that most teenie peenie men do during our lives, got rejected by a number of women who crave vaginal penetrative intercourse and a deep, full feeling, and found a way in life. I learned other ways of pleasing women, give it a do-or-die-trying effort in bed, and never chased women just for sex.

I'm in the club because I belong here, but it can still be fun.  Don't let the look on this guy's face fool you.  He hates this situation now, but he's going to touch himself thinking back on it for years to come.

There is a certain delicious anticipation and fear of being discovered and exposed for being a member of the club.  I enjoyed my dating experiences in my teenage years, and I have always enjoyed the company of women.  However, until I lost my virginity and had sex for the first time, I was terrified of what would happen if a date suddenly reached into and down my pants or got so worked up that she ******** me for sex.  Eventually it did happen, and I learned over time how to playfully disclose my Club membership before it was too late.

The fact of this is a lot better than the surprise of it to an amorous woman:

The picture above is from a commercial site, but he and I are members of the same local chapter of the Club.  We know each other.  This is in an adult experience group, the adult box(is checked in creating this story, and it's pretty far into the story, so it seemed harmless enough to include it.  Besides, a peenie that small means it couldn't be a real photo, right?

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3 Responses May 6, 2012

Like I said on another of your posts, I am in the same situation Bud. Big masculine man with a tiny ****. While it is good to be positive, it doesn't stop the fact that we have endured ridicule and will continue to, so many go with it and get off on the humiliation. The other alternative is pleasing women with our tongues, fingers, and ******. Which in itself is humiliating! I have used "Max" an 8X6 inch ***** to get my wife off for twenty years of marriage, never once made her *** from my little ****! So while I don't get off on actual ridicule and humiliation, it is always there! Sorry, long kind of crazy rant, but I think you get my point!

I think you are too hung up about this man. Sure you may have a small **** but by the sound of it also a whole lot else to offer. If the women you are with really respect you and care for you then the hurtful comments would not come.<br />
<br />
Don't worry about it.

its ok to have small penis, woman can still love you and be happy