Facebook Likes...the Ultimate Compliment?

Okay, so everyone pretty much knows what Facebook is and what it's about.It gives you the ability to communicate with friends, family and even strangers anywhere in the world. It lets you post your thoughts, share memories, and share personal information about yourself. It is also a great photo sharing tool, it lets you share photos of your last holiday, or dinner date, music festival, birthday or what not. However, lately it seems people are posting photos solely for the 'likes' they receive on them! Now, everyone enjoys getting a few likes on their photos, but when people resort to posting half naked photos of themselves or posing provoctaviley, it makes you wonder....why!? What is the point of sharing this photo of yourself in your bra and undies with your thousand and something "friends" on facebook? Are you getting some sort of self-validation from this? Does posting this photo and getting hundreds, sometimes thousands of likes prove to you that you are attractive? That people like you? If that is the way you view posting photos on facebook, perhaps you need to reconsider why you have an account. It is a social networking site, not your diary, or a place to send raunchy photos to your significant other.
So yeah, I don't neccesarily see anything wrong with the 'likes' or the 'likers' themselves, but the user who is racking up these 'likes' on their photos should probably ask themselves; are people liking my photos because they love my personality?
I mean, great for you if you have an amazing body and a glowing tan, but those of us who have to stumble across these photos on facebook will just add to the list of eye rolls, thoughts of "what a self absorbed person". You know you have a great *** and boobs , so do we, but you don't need to stick it in our face for us to see it, or like it for that matter.
lullaby96 lullaby96
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013