A Cybermentor

I am a Senior CyberMentor for an online IM service for young people aged 11-18 around bullying. Although the site is aimed around bullying, I do often get a lot of young people who come to be with emotional problems which isn't nesserally linked with bullying.

It's nice being involved with these people and thinking I can help them in a way that will make them feel less alone in the world. Having a lot of personal experience with quite a few different things, I feel I can relate to a few of these people and then these people choose to keep speaking with me; which is really nice!

Having a sense that I am doing something good in the world, giving something back to the community, as I used a lot of services when I was young to keep me going, and in some cases, keep me alive. It's all good fun in the end, and I hope I will remain a mentor for this site up until I am made to leave at 25! :D
XanthiaJo XanthiaJo
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Are you still mentoring?