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I guess I'm what you could  call a mentor to a young girl that I know. She's the unofficial step-daughter of a family friend and, I'm sad to say, her mother has really messed her up. She really is a sweet kid, but at times I don't know if I should be the one helping or guiding her. Its just that she has next to no one and continues to suffer from the choices that her mother has made. (Things like living with an abusive drug dealer, constantly moving around.) My heart goes out to her because one of the things I have no tolerance for is the suffering of a child at their parents hands. Thus far, I think I've helped her; she's done better in school and shows more respect to the adults in her life. I hope that eventually she won't need me anymore not because I don't care about her, but because it will mean that she'll have grown enough to be her own, independent person.

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Your selfless acts of compassion and kindness are already helping and you see proof in that with her respect for adults and improved school life. The world needs so many more people like you. I hope she does eventually grow to be the independent person that you wish for her to be. I hope you continue on this path of caring for many more years.

Keep loving her and believing in her

Thank you for your kind words. :)

Its obvious you do care for this child, a child needs love and care from someone even its you. If you let her go, she will feel abandoned and will undo all the work you have done so far. Please be there for her, won't be long and she will be out there in the world seeking a life for herself - but a better life - because someone cared :)