I am very upset. I was approached by a young troubled young man name Neil18. He asked if I could mentor him. I said okay. We chit chatted and he started upsetting someone I speak with. I told him to stop. He cursed at me and then blocked me. Now I hear, he is bad mouthing me. If anyone wants to know the truth, here it is. I truly hope, this unfortunate situation has not soured any of you on me. Thank you.
brewster1234 brewster1234
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Having chatted with you many times, I can not imagine a reasonable reason for the others, described actions. Always sincere, fair and good advice.

there is this person that I mentor on here and Neil asked if I mentor anyone else. He asked if he could speak to that person. I asked my mentee if it was alright. When they started talking, Neil started embarrassing the other person. I found out about it. I told him to stop it. He started cursing at me and then blocked me. This morning I found out about Neil bad mouthing me, so I posted here my rebuttal.

he truly was an ingrate.

I think this is an unfortunate situation. I have spoken with both brewster1234 and neil18. I think both are good guys but clearly not meant to be a mentor/mentee kind of thing

I wish it could have worked out.