In my youth I was careless reckless I had always sought trouble. much like this new generation is now. but after my accident it served as a light being lit within my soul. it showed me the world for how it really was. so I decided to recruit others to my cause. first is was two then twenty then fifty ultimately people then became to cone of their own accord for they saw the truth. the single most truth that everybody else is too blinded to see. that truth you may ask times have changed the youth of today are lazy arrogant disrespectful they think to have things handed to them. and the adults aren't any better having become mindless slaves to the grip of a hidden dictatorship of government. but it's not their fault they as we are paying the price but it's us to show them that their is still some good left in humanity I have members from mostly around the world rallied to my cause. helping where needed homeless shelters soup kitchens orphanages I have given them all instructions to help where help is needed without reward which they do with my vision In mind most people laugh at us call us dumb or foolish but think in this world nobody helps one another only bickers back and forth like petty children. through our actions we do what they cannot. but we pity them. I have a great responsibility as a mentor to these people and my message will be heard that much is clear. listen if you will say what you will but do not think for a second that we are like this new generation of ungrateful and spoiled brats. we are our own generation and will put this one to Shame one day for we are fighting for something..... peace
SladeBolinLeaderofEp SladeBolinLeaderofEp
18-21, M
Jan 14, 2016