I Have Come To Terms With It

yes..recently i was just diagonised as being a mermaid for my mythical character, of course i came out to my friends about this fact hoping they would be mature enough to understand what it meant to me..but of course they didnt, and have since tramuaised me and have forced me to never ever want  to  watch the little mermaid ever again.

howerver i have come to terms with being a mermaid, i mean  its great being one, i can breathe underwater, sing in musicals, err live under water, sneak up on people from under the sea, and of course build my own mermaid city!
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Diagnosis? Mermaid city? Breathing underwater? None of this is true...

Is there a spell that really turns u into a mermaid and please don't lie this is my biggest wish ever

And I kno what u mean I had to burn my little mermaid DVD when my doctor told me the diagnosis

Holy moly where is your mermaid city?!

Um, good for you! If you ever see a mermaid in Hawaii, that's me. I have a purple tail. Im super friendly, especially to others of my kind.

ok an online test wont tell you those are for fun and real mermaids cant breathe underwater they can just be under longer than most humans. Sorry for sounding like your friends but you sound like a poser. if youre going 2 pose as one or claim to be one please get more info. I think you have benn lured into believing u are one by what u see in movies

mermaids cant breathe underwater. we dont have gills. its a breath hold like dolphins and whales.


Wait... you're a dude! Wouldn't that make you a merMAN? :DDD

O_O i go and have a nap and my story has been highjacked!

i did NOT =P

Leave Edie alone! She didn't do anythin'! Weh. *giggles* =p<br />
T'was me. I admit.

haha im getting mermaid ads too. <br />
<br />
I didnt threadjack!

Look. My ads are for mermaid statues.

*face palm* This is NOT supposed to be happening lol

You want to be eaten raw? =p

*bl<x>inks* i dont want to be eaten.....errrr...........cooked

=) Edie, until You're useful, You won't become food. *giggles*<br />
<br />
Impulsive, liar. =p

Edie its either you or me..and anyway, i taste bad lol, i taste like old socks covered in mustard.

O.O Wandum is NOT cooking meh

Meat is meat. =p I don't care whether I eat a male pig or female pig. =p And I need Edie for now. I'll save Her for later.

well you know Edie is actually a mermaid, i'm more like a merman, but Edie, you can cook her and she'll make you immortal! yeah. you cook her...err i'll be allllll the way over there lol and rember to cover it in bread crumbs!

Would You mind cooking Yourself? I'll come by later.


Is marmaid meat tasty?

lol read one of my recent stories, you'll see..it was a test i took, i got a mermaid for a which mythical monster are you, lol.

lmao wtf?!