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I Am Also A Lies, No Joke...i Want People To Understand..

I want a friend who is a mermaid just like me, nobody beleives me..nor do I really like sharing it..I don't want to be, I feel like I'm the only person who fears water for the reson of discovery..seeing all the people disbelieving in mermaids...I want a mermaid friend...who understands how I feel....but what worse for me is my family moved to a place with vary little I can't do anything....It sucks, so anyway, if your a mermaid please reply, maybe we can get in touch, not in a creeper way, I'm young, but noy that young to be faking this...fakers just make me feel sad and kinda annoyed because I know what It's really like, so Yeah.....
Chiya709 Chiya709 16-17, F 259 Responses May 8, 2011

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can someone help me become a mermaid I'm 16 and it my dream to be a mermaid I'm told that my voice makes people cry when I sing I would love to be a mermaid please my email is


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I wish I was a Mermaid so I can finally be closer to the sea I long to swim with the dolphins

I am too no joke

I had a spell done on me by this woman named Tabatha and now i am a mermaid since 3 weeks ago

Hi i'm Maddie. I'm a really shy girl but out going at the same time. I just moved in a couple months ago to my new town. i'm still looking for new friends and ever since I was 5 I've always wanted to be a mermaid. I've tried everything but no luck. So I was wondering how you got your tail. you don't haft to become my friend to do it but, I would like to become friends. Here are some other things that my old friends would describe me, funny,creative, and crazy silly. so what do you say? friends?

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Hello Chiya709 I am Serena. I am 14 years old and understand how you feel, it can difficult not being able to tell anyone and having a secret this big. I happen to be in love with the sea so it is very hard to stay out if it when I go to the beach, and I live where it rains a lot so that is a big problem. My tail is Aqua blue colored. It's hard but together we can get through this!

Your's Truly,

I believe you cause I happen to be a mermaid just like you so don't listen to them. Plz can I have youremail and your age cause iI do not allow people over 13? ♥B-) have a nice day

Yeah I know how you feel

hi my name is erin i can move water with my mind and my friend can turn water into goo. one day all of the mermaids should meet up .pleas anser i think we should all meet yp

hi i'm merlea and i think that's a wonderful idia

I can't because I live so far away from you!

Well I completely believe that you are a mermaid and I wish to know how your tail came to you for you see I am human but I want to be a merman so bad and I have tried everything but no spell has worked and I'm starting to lose hope please tell me how you got your tail so that I may get one. oh yeah! The one thing I can't stand is people who wear those stupid fake mermaid tails and get credit for being mermaids just like that show h2o I hate it but anyway please show me how you got your tail and I will gladly be your friend!

How did you get your tail if you tell me I will be your friend I have always wanted to be a mermaid I am not this is not a lie I will really be your friend only if you tell me how you got your tail

Your so stupid! And dumb !!! Like someone ever will believe that rediciolous story of ur really a mermaid proof it!!! Put on a picture of u in ur bed and a picture of u in ur bed with a mermaid tail! Hah u cant do THAT can u? Ur so imbarising

Still one thing dumb head if ur a mermaid u wouldnt ever say it to anyone and afcours not to people u dont even know!!!! So shut ip and stop lieng people!! U people are rediciolous!! Ur lieng to ur self!! Besides is u guys all are mermaids well there are a lot of mermaids!!! Weird that the people havent seen that with science


So scrame

Shut up or I will report you

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Hi I want to become a mermaid and I really want to know how please tel me how!

My parents and family members have no clue what im going through and im not faking either. They dont know im a mermaid and im deppressed that im in the middle of texas and got to the ocean on my own. :(

Nor does mine either

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Hello!!! im a mermaid too!! my mermaid name is Ember and I live (sorta) close to water. Im 11 years old and I have always wanted a mermaid friend! one of my friends is an unbeliever(sad huh :( ) and I would love to be your friend!!!

I also dont know if I should escape and leave everything behind and live in the sea. please answer my question. should I stay or escape to the sea?

If u want to die live in the sea CUZ UR NO MERMAID!!!!!

Stay defiantly stay


Cause I'm one so shut it

hi Ember im Merlea and i love mermaids and im also 11 years old and i would love it if you can tell me how to be one. i would really like to be your friend.

Oh youra mermaid too! We both match!!!! I live in Lincolnshire and I swim in the river glen in the summer!

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Hello so since I was little I wanted to be a mermaid cuz I loved ariel but anyways I was watching aquamarine a mermaid film the other day that jus made me want to be one but is there anyway I could be one like aquamarine plus im 19 so im not young an stuped

So, what your saying in a long version is you want to be a mermaid? ;)

I can help because I'm one and you just have to live in water for a couple of years I know that sounds weird but it does! :-D ♥

I'm a mermaid no lie and I would like 2 meet u in person or at sea but, I don't live close 2 a beach I would like u 2 show me around some day plus I'm 11 years old... XD I would like 2 meet 1 of my kind like u. :)

Ya and im a alien yeah haha only joking


im merlea can u tell me how to be a mermaid

I'm a mermaid too. I'm here for you.
~Kitty Rae :3

Hello, I am a mermaid as well. :-) I was born a mermaid and have lived my entire life as one. I was cast out of my pod a year ago for having a working human laptop in my possession. I can't say I understand how you feel, but like you, I am terrified of discovery. I hope you hear this, Chiya709. ;-)

Hi. I believe you. I don't know about the tails thing but I think its cool that your a mermaid. I always wanted to swim in the ocean and explore the life. To bad I don't actually have a tail. Lol although somehow every test I take for Mythological creature I always get Mermaid. It would be awesome... except I can't swim all that well.... its odd actually.... well i like your entry. Hopefully you still read this and maybe we can be friends... although we both share mutual trust issuses. Be careful. -
Lilly lol aka Lilique

ooh! whats your m-name?

you gotta have an m-name before hand. Mine is Ember (everyone probably knows that by now) and my last name is Willow. My full name (if you were to call me) you would say Willow's Ember!

how did you become one

How did you become one i tride a lot of spells and nun worked until one day every time i touch water my legs turn red and start to burn and little scales on my ankels that was 2 years ago ever since then i never got into a pool or went swimming tell me how you became one so i can be one officaly and get over with it this sucksssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What spells did you use? And I must be some kind of wacked up Mermaid because I only meet half the requirements of being a mermaid... that and I really dont have a tail and Im not perticularly great at swimming but some how out of all the mythological creature tests I always end up getting mermaid.... eh i might be a cross breed doomed to be a beached whale.

uh oh that means you made the spell and it worked it just means that you didnt have the proper energy in you. it should work if you do a different smaller spell to get energy fit for making such a large spell, If I were you id do a luck spell first. just do it ASAP.

Spells, mermaid spells

I dont know actually....

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Hey :)

Hello, you probably receive these questions everyday, but how exactly do you become a mermaid? I really dont know what to do. A lot of people say some spells work, and a lot of people say they dont work. Im just confused and and am wondering how exactly you do become a mermaid.

There is no exact way. The way I became one was simply being born as one. :-)

:) which type of mermaid are you? I wanna be a wishgiver, but I dont know which type I am.

try shifting. It is more effective. go to it is really helpful and tons of other mermaids on there.

ooh! im om that website!

It works if you believe. make up your mind ( im not being mean, its just one of the requirements that got me here ;) ) and make sure this is what you want to do. even if you dont become a mermaid ( dont fake) but believe you are and dress beachy, wear sunglasses, and wear neon colors. its all about believing.

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I want to become a mermaid! This has been my wish since i was young. Still now that I am growing up I want to be a mermaid... I want to no how to become one

I was born a merman. I live in a pod in the Northern Atlantic. If you want to know about the moons the Black moon is the strongest to us mer-people. Basically to become one the spell of the full moon will lead you into a mermaid or merman. For any spells your luck will be on the Black moon. If you are planning to become a mermaid or merman you will have to leave your family if they aren't fish either. If you have possession of any moon items you will be able to use your magic to give yourself legs at those moments try not to get water spilled on your "Feet". A spell that I can recommend that come from Ancient Times is "Great Sea grant me with a tail and the power to breathe under your harmony human no more it is my wish to escape humanity. Say this spell 10x. Let me know about your results 😏

I am a mermaid also, though I am still in training. I crave salt. The ocean is at least 6 hours from my house, and I love swimming, but the pool really doesn't cut it. I need my tail badly, but how is the question? Did you start off as an apprentice too? How did you become one??? Did you have to pass the quiz? Please answer i need advice...

Sooo how do you become an apprentice? And why do I feel like a beached whale...

Have you ever swam in the ocean before? And if so, how often do you do it? What is your favorite food? How often have you felt like a beached whale?

I absolutely love soup. Shrimp is awesome! And I like noodles alot... but anything salty and typically wet... idk im not a very picky eater. Lol and seaweed is gooooooddd. And pretty often I feel like a beached whale. I'm pretty much dying to find somewhere I belong. And I love swimming in the ocean. Its easier then pools. And let me rephrase I can swim just not extremely well to tue point where I can race or compete. I know how not to drown lol

Well, I would say that you are on your way to becoming an apprentice. All you must do to become one is---well, I don't want disclose information on the internet where everyone can see it, so i'll just give you an outline.
Don't rush things, no matter how hard you want to. Every full moon is to be cherished, and your eating habits are pointing you in the right direction.

Mermaids don't have superpowers, and though it's always fun to pretend, try weaning yourself off of the myths and decide what you believe, if anything.
Everyone has a different path when it comes to the apprenticing, (if that's a word ;) ) so just go with the flow and understand that this is an art. It is not some roadside attraction for people to ooh and aww at, this might soon be your life and you must take this seriously.

Timing all depends on the person. For me it was at least 3 months of believing, swimming, and seeing the world through the mermaids eyes.
When it happens, trust me, you will definitely know.

I hope we can be friends as we both take this journey together!
-Ariel :)

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I believe in mermaids and really would like to be one.