Normal Girl By Day, Mermaid By Night

The title pretty much sums it all up. I am completely normal, and not normal at the same time. My days usually start with the usual morning routine, followed by college, work, homework (all while trying to avoid getting water on myself outside the house), and ending the day with a family dinner. But I sneak out at night through the window, and head straight to the beach. I have to be careful sometimes because there are times when people decide to take nightly strolls along the beach, or have bonfires. Anyway, I dive in and wait a few seconds for my tail to replace my legs; it's a really strange feeling, and I'd rather not dive into detail, excuse the pun.

I don't come back until early morning - before the family wakes up, - and catch a few Z's. I don't do it all the time, though, in fear that my parents will find out. When I do miss my swims, which I can't do during the day, it pains me so much. I get so anxious, and start to get the I-can't-take-it-anymore/ I-can't-wait-any-longer feelings. I become really cranky when that happens. But I persuaded my parents to have a large pool built in the backyard. They said "yes" just yesterday. I didn't tell them why I wanted a pool so badly. I just gave them the usual B.S. answer, and blamed it on my spoiled childhood. Lol! So now I don't have to go on my nightly swims as much; I can just swim around in the pool during the day when my parents aren't around.

I wasn't always so different, you know. There was a time when I was just a normal girl. I know what you're probably thinking, "Oh, she did a spell, and it turned her into a mermaid," or "Normal girl turned mermaid? Yeah right, she's just making this up." I got two things to say to that: 1) I don't do spells; they are evil traps, and 2) believe what you want, but that doesn't change what happened to me. I changed when I was 10 years old, about 11 years ago; I was in Puerto Rico, my island home, on vacation during summer when it happened. I'm stuck like this, so I might as well enjoy it while I can.
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That sounds interesting. Would you care to show me a picture of your tail in a PM? Blur your face/surroundings whatever can give YOU away and just show me a picture. I want to learn how a premature body could grow a tail. Even on us weres, the first change happens at 17+

what are some simtomes

Idk! The spell was very vague foundt on 1 website I said it 3X

thats cool i dont have a tail but i can hardley walk and swim very well and get scales when im wet and i have powers too.

any time spells

1)go into shower and say

"mermaids of the deep i wish to be your kind

a mermaid with the power to(your power) and a (color) tail.

please oh please mermaids that can hear my cry you know what i want to be!

turn off the water immediantly and get out of the shower as fast as you can.DON'T BLOWDRY YOUR HAIR! you will get your powers in 24 hours and your tail should grow in 2 weeks.

Hahahahah you people are meantal, do you need "help"? Yes yes you do

shut up stupid

Yes im the stupid one, you are 19ish and still belive in mermaids, even as a cryptozooligst thats funny

Make me 1

hi girls. Peurto Rico hmmm. Seems a bit far but I can talk to you on the internet at least. I'm so lonely. But I realized I don't have to be. I'm going to go to the local dive shop and get some information about dive's and where people usually go and I'm gonna swim in the sea till I find a mermaid, merman. People think I'm silly because I'm 26 and romance is the furthest thing from my mind. They think I'm silly or childish for believing in mermaids. But, then again I can't really tell them I am one can I. They'll take me off to the loony bin.

I have this friend that knows loads about Merfolk and makes spells. She won't tell anyone how she knows the information, but she is kind. :)<br />
<br />
Does that mean her spells won't work...<br />
<br />
Don't you dare make me cry, cause I'll tell her what you say if it's mean!!

you and mermaidodette are both REAL mermaids?!

welcome new mermaid. =)

Thank you. ~_~ &lt;3

hay i an 12 now and have longed to be a mermaid all my life can you help?

Sorry for the late response. Unfortunately, I cannot help you. My change happened randomly. I guess it's all about being in that special place at that special time. I really wish I could help you though. ~_~'

so u dont know what happend but do u know how to turn people into them or give people advise to become 1

I don't know exactly how it happened. I just know when and where, and the "symptoms" that came during the week of my transformation. I guess every mermaid's change is at different times in different locations. Mine just happened to be in my island home. :)

Did u try spells

how did it happen? you just woke up one morning wiht a tail?

I was hiking with my cousin one night. It was in a river connected to the ocean; it was easy to tell because of the phosphorescent bacteria on the stepping stones. I don't remember much since it was 10 years ago. That's all I can recall from that night, the glowing stepping stones. I grew the tail within a week.

21 ?. At least you might have grown up long enough to be a Legal catch in most states now ?.

o_e ...I guess I should be more careful now that you mentioned it. I actually haven't thought about that. O_O