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Do Mermaid Spells Work?

Hi everyone, I want to become a mermaid. I tried a spell a couple days ago, and it said that it will take a week for me to become a mermaid when wet, and a human when dry. I'm not sure if the spell is just something that a random person made up, or if it will actually work. I want to try a couple other spells, but i don't want to waste my time on them if they don't work. I would really like other mermaids' opinions, so please comment and give me some advice on what to do, or what spells to try, or if its never gonna work. Thanks!
IceBlueTail IceBlueTail 18-21 190 Responses Dec 13, 2011

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Hello I see you have a bit of a problem but I will tell you if you truly want to be a mermaid you have to learn how to really do spells! I have been practicing for 2 years to be a witch it worked but!! In order to do any spell it may not work! You see doing a spell is just you puting your thought out to the universe and it may or may not work at all. Please do not a lot of salt water because that can be dangerous (you can lose your tonsils doing that)!! I suggest you keep trying different spells and or potions and hopefully it will happen

I'm having the same problem­čśö. And I've been swimming since I was three! I really need help because I really want to be a mermaid.

I really believe in mermaid and not only mermaids but also in the others, I wish to become a mermaid so I search for spells and I found so many. I try some of them, for the owners of the spells it did works but for me it didn't.
But I will continue to try cuz I really want to be a mermaid to prove my family that they do exist, my brother does not believe in god and my parents respect his decision but for me to believe in something like mermaids they don't respect it. I cried a lot because of that.
There are many stories about them in my country but for us they are angels.
So please can someone give me some advices, I really don't know what to do!

It does work you have to believe CX Good Luck youll need it and im a mermaid !!!

I have tried many spells of mermaid and the side effects do happen but when ever it was time to get my mermaid tail nothing happend I never got any powers but I still believe and I want one day for a spell to accually make me a mermaid not just the side effects

What happens if I say a spell more than once

I think that if your ment to say the spell once u shouldn't say it more times that has happend to me before but don't worry u will get it right

Than sure it will work CX

well, today, i actually tried a mermaid spell. When i got back home, i researched it, and the side effects said on the internet i had. Headaches, itchy and blotchy skin. And now, when water is splashed onto me by another person, it actually burns my skin. Only my other 2 friends and myself had this discovery today. We have chose our powers, my one is to freeze water. And now we are waiting until midnight.

If you actually ARE a mermaid, then please be aware that the full moon is dangerous. How? Well : it will make you moonstruck. So if it is a full moon. Do not go outside for any reason, as you will be hypnotised.

To be honest, i think it is your own decision to look up some more spells. do you actually want to be one, or just to show off?

I really want to be one and to show off

hi,I am bleu. So I did a spell Thursday and then I felt scared and shaved my legs which reverse the spell. But I really feel confident though I am pretty much surrounded by water,a pond and pool. I did a spell of my own but I feel nothing. Then with the spell I reversed I still have side effects. I never get itchy legs and I am getting them. what will happen if I turn into a mermaid at school? Should I wait till summer to be able to harness my powers or what? Can I have some advice?

Hello, Ice! I'm Fins (mer-nickname) I think you should know that mermaid spells take time to fully work, as well as determination and commitment. Never give up! If this is you who truly are, be proud of it and have belief. Good luck! :)

Im Not A Mermaid But I Wanna Be One....Like You....Whats Your Name?....My Name Is Ariannah.Also How Old Are You?.....Im 11 Turning 12 in October.

my name is jessica and I'm 14

they never work im so mad

I've been doing mermaid spells right all my life. Mostly, I believe in the spells and mermaids. Yet the spells never work. It something wrong with ?

Hi I just wanted to know a few things about being a mermaid before I try out any spells and such
1since I am a strict vegetarian will I have to eat fish and give up my vegetarianism
2 will my hair/nails/eyes change color
3 If I use one of those touch water and you will become a mermaid, dose that mean just plain water or does it include spit, sweat and such
4i live about an hour away from the beach and try to get there often but don't, does this mean I can't become a mermaid
If you answer this, thx and know that you have probably put my mind at ease

i did a mermaid spell that took a week too and it did work i promise but you just have to believe :)

Were did u find the spell

Can u tell me the spell please?

I did the fanpop #10 spell it said it will take 7 days to work and i am having headaches and crossing legs

What was the spell I also tryed one and my legs ache and cross by there self

Say deep bule sea make me swim wish mermaids mote i it be! Then drink salt water of somthing salty

look how bout yall both shut up i love mermaids i am one so trust me belive in what you want and stay out of peoples buissness so yall both shut the freak up now

If you go to FANPOP 11 MERMAID SPELLS read #10 it worked on me so you know now that FANPOP's #10 spell works

I did it my legs are crossing and itchy

I'm gonna try this spell. :) Wish me luck! :)
;) and good luck to you dramamama8!

I tried this spell earlier and omg my legs are super itchy! It's right around my knees. Put a necklace on, get in the shower or bath, get body wash/ shampoo and put it on your waist down to your feet and say this:
magic spirits of the deep, I'd like a tail, not two feet
beauty be upon me,
fish of all kinds let me see
when i'm finished in the sea
when i'm dry my feet return to me

Side effects are:
itchy legs,
stomache aches
singing a lot

Good luck! This works for a lot of people.

Let me know if it works. I might try it!

Alright! :)

Hi. I just did a mermaid spell I hope that it works!

As I was saying, I just did a mermaid spell but I wanted to know whether doing more than one will affect the change?

I forgot to say the color of the shampoo is what color your tail will be. And more side effects are drinking lots of water ( I drank 3 1/2 bottles of water today), legs changing color, and making weird sounds and acting unordinary.

The side effects working for me:
A lot = 3
A bit = 2
No = 1
Itchy legs: 2
Stomache aches: 1
Singing a lot: 3
Drinking water: 3
legs changing color: 1
making weird sounds and acting unordinary: 2

i no how you feel

I really want to be a mermaid I have wished that for 14 years and I never knew how so dose this really work and is there a type of shampoo you but on

Dose this really 10000% work

What happens straight after the spell dose it hurt sting or is it just feel normal? Like if you know if it really worked and what are the side affects straight after. Because I am getting in bath soon and I want to know every thing I need to do like just normal shampoo and what type of necklace.

Should It be hot or cold water

I'll try that:-)

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All the spells I've done haven't worked so can you please tell me a spell that you did that worked

Those people who believe become mermaids/mermen. It doesn't work to others because they either don't believe or they think people are stupid. No they aren't. It's a free country, you can't change what people think. I'm thinking about becoming a mermaid and I'm believing and desperate. I want to prove to people that mermaids exist. They do. Because I and other people believe in them. You can't say they don't exist because no one has ever seen a mermaid....yet. Sailors might. They tell stories. I think it's cause some people are afraid they might turn into evil sirens. Not ALL mermaids are evil. There are good mermaids as well. Just believe and keep praying and follow the rules on the spell. And another thing, don't cuss at other people cause, how would you like it if they cussed back at you and hated you? You'd hate yourself a lot more. DON'T think about cussing. If neither of the spells work, try making your own spell. Just add objects, rules and a saying you made up, what power you want and what color tail you want as well and follow your own rules. Be patient. It'll probably happen. Just be sure to believe.

You go. You're so right you should give advice

ive tried a million spell(well close 2)and nothing I wish I was a mermaid like h20 justadd water I luv there powers n tails well if you have anything elsa give it up plz-kiss

Keep trying different spells some spells take longer than others

Make sure that everyone who does a mer spell knows this just in case: while doing spell not sure if after but with expirience known and done myself don't get paint on hands, put water on then use face cloth, will sting, or possibly go red cuz makes chemichal, unhealthy water.

I wish I could help you IceBlueTail, and I'm sorry I can't. I'm one of you- searching for a spell. I made a spell of my own, and tried it, but I only said it once, and very quietly. I am not sure what the side effects, if there are any, are, and I do not know how many times you must say it, or if you need a symbol. It's been... I don't know, about a month since I did it? Nothing. Making your own spell will give the spell YOUR power, and it can understand you, I guess. It'll understand your wishes. BUT! Writing your own spell can be hard, with rhyming and stuff. I made my spell rhyme, but I don't think that's good. It should be about you and what you want, and if rhyming makes it all the more difficult and leaves out information, like, for example, you have the line, "I want my tale to be orange," I mean, what rhymes with orange?! So I suggest making your own spell if you're up to it. I am no mermaid, sorry. :(. Also, maybe if you live on a coast, or somewhere by water, or you're going on a trip to the ocean, singing to it gives you a sense of belonging. I don't know what this has to do with anything, but when I did this, a LONG time ago, I heard another voice singing back to me, and I felt like it was, I don't know it's hard to explain, it felt like it was my mother I guess. I felt comforted, also, I saw a big splash far off, and it was a tail. I am not claiming this was a mermaid, I just thought it was a weird coincidence (if it was one). I've been wondering a lot lately how to CALL a mermaid, and just what they might ask you to help them with. If anybody can give me any information, please do! I'd be very grateful! Thanks!

I want a spell that when I touch water 10 seconds before tail and when I'm dry I am human again almost like h2o just add water I also want a power or powers! Lol and it doesn't count if u touch water does anyone no a spell? Please help I'm a desperate mermaid wanna be and I'll do any spell as long as I can turn back to human:)

Yeah... same here...

I've just been reading all of this and I just want a spell that really works so is there spells that actually work? I really want to become a mermaid! No hate please :P

what did I just read

Shut up and go away unbeliever! She can believe in what SHE want! Don't say that to her! Nobody can change their beliefs if they dont want to!!!



shut up and belive in what you want that is what i do and this is coming from an actuwal mermaid kk kk

shut up an stay out of people's buisness that is what i do and this is coming from an actualle mermaid so u and the other person put the shut to the up

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Someone please give me a mermaid spell that works 1000% I really want to be a mermaid! And we can meet in the ocean and talk and get to know each other:)

Your best guess is to make up a your own spell

Even though it may aeem ethical i think people have all th right to believe in mermaids or other things.we are all humans/mermaids and have our own pwrsonal opinion

ok so i did a mermaid spell yesterday and ive had soooo many side affects my legs ach and itch like crazy at night at skool i keep crossing my legs. also i noticed my legs turning this blue color can u give me any advice

Well, don\'t panic. 2. NEVER DRINK WATER IN PUBLIC! just incase u turn.

That means its working

Yeah. What jhddgmuf said... It really does mean it is working...

What spell did u do please tell me! !!!!!!!! I'm extremely DESPERATE

what spell did you even do? I made my own like 10 mins ago, but my legs are just achey....

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