I Just Don't Get It....

I know all about this water mage and samuagami and mermaid stuff. But I had this dream. And I need other people to help me by giving me their input. If you want to know about the water mage and samuagami just message me that you do and I'll explain it. Back the the dream:
I felt like I woke up. And I walked outside to my backyard and called for my dogs. They didn't come. And so I walked towards the shed my dad built and looked for them. I didn't see them. But I did see the biggest snake I've ever seen. A one with a yellow red then black or something like that pattern that was biggger than the shed and poisonous. I used my freezing power on it and froze it. But it broke free. The ice melted and soaked me I grew a tail. And then the snake got ready for it's kill since I couldn't move. I made an ice barrier in a split second before if killled me It crashed through it. But somehow, I was moved to the other part of the yard and I dried off. A full moon came out in the middle of the day. I looked at it. Then, I grew fangs and claws like mermaids do during full moons. I ripped the snake to shreds. What confuses me, My birthday is in november. Which in some random thing is the month of the snake. And snakes mean change. So, I don't get it...... Any help? The way the water mage and samuagami incorporated into that is I was wearing the cloak of something(i forget what it is but I wear it when water maging/samuagami-ing. And my mermaid form has no powers, it is a power. Most of my spells now are freezing spells too. ANYWAYS......... Can you guys help me interpret it?
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I know I had a dream almost like that and I hade an orange tail like I did on the spell before I went to sleep and I had the powers I said to but I just don't get it cause when I touched water it is always an orange tail and another mermaid said this is real and use your powers wisely and ever since last week I had the exact dream and in the morning I try to figure out what it means but I can't can someone tell me and by the way the spell I did was by a witch

what spell did you use? if i understand wht spell you used it could be linked to the dream

I didn't use a spell. I inherited the tail. If you're a samuagami, you have a tail. Samuagami is the ruler of all water and air magic, they have to have tails.


maybe if you write down everything you remember make sure it is in order then read privately or if you have a bff that knows tell them about it and ask them what it means or what they think it means... i need some help btw im not sure if this mermaid spell i tryed is working or not i takes 1 wk- 6wks for it to workk if it doesn't do you have any suggestions for me? i really want to be one!!! and are you a real mermaid? please respond asap!!

Sorry, haven't been on in ages. I have no spell. Yes I am a real mermaid. Please message me what spell you used. it might be a black magic spell(NOT GOOD!), which have nasty affects.