Well, I Want To Know If I Am Or Not...

So, I was searching through many different sites wondering what I am when I stumbled on this site... Okay, so this are the following things that make me believe I'm a mermaid...

1. I am the fastest swimmer in my team. And the one with the least experience.
2. My mother says that she has always had trouble with taking me out of the pool when I was younger, the shower, or the ocean.
3. From my friends, I am the one who can keep most of the time under water without breathing (between 2 min and a half and 3 min)
4. I have always felt an affinity with all the elements, and I feel that at times, the weather reacts as to how I am feeling (for instances sometimes when I'm singing it starts raining like out of the blue, and when I'm very mad, there is very strong winds and stuff).
5. I am always mesmerized by the moon.

Please tell me if this actually makes me a mermaid, or if I'm simply a crazy teenage girl who needs to go to a psychologist...
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6 Responses Dec 2, 2012

ok lowwblood listen up a course your not a ****** mermaid thats ****** bullshit. wwhat are you evven on.


It's what she believes okay if she says she's one sertenly sound like it and it is her life so go away

I believe you are a mermaid, believe in yourself. You are not crazy. I had to use a spell but I am a mermaid, those sound like mermaid traits. The weather thing might just be a power. If you want to be a mermaid. And you can't get a tail, then just do what I did. Put on your favorite hair piece, necklace, etc. Get in the shower, towards the end of your shower say: Magic spirits of the deep, I would like a tail not two feet, Beauty be upon me, fish all kinds let me see, When I am finished in the sea, when i'm dry my feet return to me. Then get out of the shower dry yourself off, DON'T EVER TAKE OFF THE NECKLACE OR WHAT YOU USED and don't touch water for the rest of the day. there will be side effects like stomachs and the urge to drink water. The next time you touch water, even a single drop, you will become a mermaid.

You aren't crazy. Beleive in your heart and you can do fantastic things. Plz dont give up. Do a mermaid spell or two, and maybe it'll work! I've been waiting 4 years. o_o

You seem to be a happy person :D Thanks for your words

You might be. Do you lay underwater in the bathtub for extended periods of time?

I don't have a bath tub :/ but I do take a good 30 mins on the shower (my parents get to mad about that one :P)

sounds like it could be a calling. you never know! maybe try a spell, and you could gain a tail if you wanted too.

You think so? :D

Can somebody transform me into a mermaid?
Comment on my wall if you have a way, nothing hard

just use a spell