I Wanted To Be A Mermaid And I Did A Spell

well it all started about 3 years ago when I was on youtube i was looking at music videos when I saw a mermaid show ( the3tails) then i got hooked up on it then i started to watch more mermaid shows such as the seceret life of a mermaid, the magic shell,and the mermaids life. Then i got my friend to watch it . I said we should try to make one of our own mermaid shows. so we started to get our tails ordered and i said hey how about we just become mermaids. and we have been looking for a way to become MERMAIDS

true storie and i just did a spell but with out my friend and i havent told her ....YET but i dont know how because

lizzymermaidwannabe lizzymermaidwannabe
Jan 10, 2013