Mermaid Believer

I believe in mermaids,and I want to be one so anyone who knows any spells that really work plz e:mail me at
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wow i just relized i want this so much i did a spell and went against my religion uh oh.......................................but i still hope it works though plz plz plz omg


Omg there was ice on top of the so then I satdown inside while my mom dropped of my lol sis at school and wen my mom came back she said the ice into of my seat had melted and my mom had only been gone for 2 mins

Then you probably got heat power

Wait so you know sara cool

Well it doesn't just hurt so yay I guess its working cuz I was naughtios

Have you ever heard of a werecat ? I just recently did when iwas searching for other mermaid groups they got some cool storys u should check it out

Lol sara

Thats a side affect if most spells ! Or your head just hurts ..........

Ikr me too my head hirts

Im looking high and low for mer spells

O ok

And ive heard that if you post a pic of ur tail then it will go that true

I dont thiink posting a pic would take your tail away

Hey wen I become a mer can I tell anyone like friends or my cuzin.....shes like my sister so idk wat I should do

I guess u could i mean like if you want to get DISECTED you might need to find some way to black mail her just in case things go south

Ya u would so thts a no


ok rite now im about to try it sooo wish me luck i reallly really really hope it works ok........ut ur not messing around with me rite

I would never mes with you

I really hope it works you can also gets spell from youtube u know what sucks though ......... i was gonna start my own spell vids on youtube but i would have to get wet to do them

so this spell worked for skylars friend right



Heres a spell : ( u will need a bath tub a cup a neckalace salt and shells ) fill up the tub and put your legs in pour the salt into the cup and add water say thes when finished : ocean waves ocean breeze come upon me let mme become what i wish to be i want to swim far below see coral grow i want to breathe under water air i need no more i wish for a ( color ) tail and the power of heat ( so u can dry off) is all i seek i no longer want humanity ( poor the water on ur thats in the cup with salt on ur legs and place the two shells on ur knee caps and push them down hard take the neckalace and put it on and dont take it off for a month )

WAT if it doesn't work

My bday is in april and it would be the best present ever to be a mermaid

Ive wanted this since I was like 7 now im 11

Thx so much

Ill see if i can find more

Yes some times three but thats kinda rare

So the spell takes 1or2 weeks correct


Well will

Thx guyz wish me luck

Oh and u must be wet

Or say : mermaid when wet human when dry let this power come to meby the magic ofthe sea i will be noticed aamong all with a tail of ( gold that are to bend and fold ) or ( blackthat swim without slack ) or ( green that sure is lean ) or ( mermaids of the sea i lay the option within you) side affects : itchy legs hair grows faster timider than usual or more excited u may get your tail in a week or two

do you have to wear a symbol or something? or is it like the H2O mermaids?

Say this wjile wet : felice dranmta beyocve raina ( if u want heat powers then say drowna instead of raina)