My Clan Betrayal

was born as a half mermaid beacause of my mother who that was a mermaid and also abandoned me on the coast and never returned but gave me a locket and wrapped it around my ankle and disappeared into the ocean and i was accepted into a mermaid clan when i was found and raised in the water i watched the human kids on the shore playing and i longed to find another young mermaid like me about when i was 13 my adoptive mermaid mother let me go to the shore and explore without her until the migration ended only full mermaids could migrate to warmer waters while half mermaids like me had to live on land. I then met sara a young half mermaid on land staying with the keeper till migration ended we became close friends and that was the biggest mistake i ever made. she betrayed me and exposed my secret to the human i fell in love with i got my revenge on her and was infuriated when she got revenge on me by killing my adoptive mother snd leaving her body on the beach . and the body was discovered and put on tv. my clan never came back for me and i was stuck . i swam away and it took me years to make but it but i used all my powers to create hurricane sandy and continued to hide out in the gulf i soon was bored and went to land were i met hayden wjo i fell madly in love with and he accepted my defference and we are still together to this very moment
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I will try to make a spell or find one that works and post it


Its okay

Ya sry I forgot

No skylar was born one

Nvm jk

Wow is the spell you told you became a mermaid

Shut up skylar is my best friend she is 10o percent truthful and and she exagerrated a bit but . She is definitily not Lying

Thats the little mirmaid sherlock, you must really want attention....