My Side Of Skylars Story

I was just freaked when a huge storm knocked over my familys beach house killing my brother and unfortunatly it was the last straw for my mother she divorced with my father when he didnt care about micheal so he decided to keep me when my mother moved very far away only to abuse and torture me one night i snuck out to the beach and swam away silently . I was too hungrey and tired to go any farther after i had swam about 208 miles from shore and i swear i saw a shark so i swam to a small island not to far ahead of me and fell asleep under a tree when i woke i saw familiar face of someone that looked old enough to be a grand parent but not to wrinkly or old looking she helped me up and took me into her small cabin where she gave me a warm blanket and some chicken or was it mushroom soup ? I told her everything and when i was done the door bell rang the woman whos name was soffia opened the door to a girl my age soffia said she left something in her room and hurried out of the room leaving me and the girl alone but we quickly took interest in each other and became fast friends she told me her name was skylar and she was staying till migration ended a few years later we got into a fight over some boy named ethan so i told ethan skylars secret of course he didnt believe me but i told skylar he belived me she got very angry with me and created a hurricane that killed her mermaid mother but when i tried to tell skylar that the storm killed her she wouldnt belive me and migration ended soon after that and i really never saw skylar again
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Omg my brothers alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kinda well , its complicated

U could say that .......

So were you born a mermaid

Its okay i guess

Omg o ok ur the girl in the other story ok im sorry for both of u