I Couldnt Do This

I was at the beach just chillaxing on my towel watching the sunset so i knewtherewere probably sharksinthe water since it was probably their feeding timebuti jumped in the water any ways when i was in the deep i grabbed a stick so if there were any sharks then i would be able tostick the stick in their nose or eye or whatever i thought i saw something swiming towards me it had a -v- shaped wake so it wasnt a shark cause they swim side to side and i would probably see the scary -say-goodbye-to-your-life fin soi thought it was a dolphin cause they swim straight but they need air right ? The thing was under for maybe an hour before iwas bitten or poked very hardly with a three point stick i ignored it and swam toward shore i dried off and looked at my foot it and three puncture marks perfectly aligned like a um one of those thingys u know um the thing posiedonhas a tritan i think ? Any way i walked home and went to sleep when i woke up i had salt water in my hair so i turned on the faucet in the bath tub and got in i was never freaked out more when my legs turned into a tail when igot in i was like what-the-dog im a freakingmermaid of course i was home alone so iscreamed it i quickily rolled/fell out of the tub and dried off i quickily thought about h2o i shook my head and ran to my room looking up mermaid facts and how to reverse it i found nothing on that
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if i shite in your part of the sea or wwhatevver is that a no go? wwhat evven are youon mate. idk. sonny, i think i jst piissed in ur mouth, does it taste like pixie stiucks??? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ???????????????????????/ aygpt?~

my tel is keepin me furm typin preopor,h
this is side efect of becomin g mermed yo cant type cos ur fingers start waniting to drink **** anf they kindsa.....................................................pis.................

that sounds cool! :)

No judgement

What .......... girls can be smart too you know !

I think the tritan that stabbed her had mermaid dna on it or somethingand it punctured a vein and pretty much poluted her system

Yes sammi i think you were stabbed by a tritan or whatever its called

I believe your story very interesting

Anarchist your so mean crushing all mermaid believers spirits you idiot we just want to hav something to believe in you loser