Lost Mermaid!

Hello everyone, I'm a Brazilian girl,and I really love mermaids. I'm searching for friends all around the world using the internet, it's all because I feel like no one understands me. Even my friends, and family! My boyfriend don't like to hear me when I'm talking about my passion! My mom don't hear me and my dad never did. My friends just laugh. And people think I'm obssessed with this. But, I just want somebody to chat about, somebody who understands me, and really loves mermaids too. I feel inside like I'm a lost mermaid. Xoxo.
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6 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Srz about all the replys

My email address is crystal009@cheerful.com

I have that same obsession with mermaids. If you want to talk and chat about becoming mermaids, I would love to. My email is YattaCrisp@gmail.com

Pacific waters email me we can talk and I'm mermaidMarina here's my email mermaidmizu@gmail.com I'm not a mermaid yet but I am in the mermaid zone

im here im from cali/ california i live in inglewood/ the ghetto but i loveee mermaids

i love unicorns is that the same

They are amazing!