Here Kitty Kitty ( A Mermaids Guide To Life)

So me and my brother were walking on the shore at midnight when a tabby cat ran in front of us micheal being the cat lover he is he chased the cat and grabbed it but it scratched him and he dropped it . And it landed in a puddle splashing me i sighed and dived into the harbor micheal ignoring me he grabbed the cat and used his belt as a leash wrapping the cat up and carrying it in his arms like a baby he told me he'd keep the cat and with that he ran towards the house leaving me on the shore in the middle of the night with a giant fish tail alone ........ i dried off and caught up with micheal the cat turned its head and looked at me i then saw the cats eyes they werent regular cat eyes they were HUMAN EYES i jumped back in surprise micheal didnt notice he just kept walking to soffias house where we were staying for the rest of our lives soffia had kinda adopted us we walkedup the porch steps into the old house soffia was walking down the stairs humming but she stopped when she saw micheal with the cat she said " micheal were did you get that cat " then she looked at me and i said " i tried to tell him no but- soffia cut me off by replying " its soo cute how can we not keep it ! "I sighed i slumped into the garage and found a knife and a card board box i cut a hole in the box put a dish with milk in side of it and some yarn then soffia put a dish towel in there for the cat and i jogged up to my room to write this we decided to name the cat samantha meowson wanted to name it fluffy though !
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