I Am a Mermaid

I spend my time swimming the oceanic waters, hiding in the coral reef beds, and dancing amongst the fish and other creatures of the sea.  

imreallyamermaid imreallyamermaid
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any time spells

1)go into shower and say

"mermaids of the deep i wish to be your kind

a mermaid with the power to(your power) and a (color) tail.

please oh please mermaids that can hear my cry you know what i want to be!

turn off the water immediantly and get out of the shower as fast as you can.DON'T BLOWDRY YOUR HAIR! you will get your powers in 24 hours and your tail should grow in 2 weeks.

Lol good story! I'm not in total belief of your lie(s).

really r u telling the truth


people people........ go on google and type in real wishes .org.... that way youll become one!!!<br />
hopes this helps MermaidMelodyPrincess

Real mermaids are born that way. Some become human and lose their way but if you love the sea as much as I do well you will return to the sea. Learn as much as you can. Train, become a breath holding diver try to hold your breath for ten minutes. If you live in a temperate zone try to find the kelp forest it holds many secrets for you. The sea will answer you if you call her. All real mermaids can hear her.

I guess there is no one here. Where are my fellow mermaids?

I don't know how it happend to me I forgot

How do you become a mermaid? SOMEONE JUST PLEASE TELL ME ALREADY!!!

Sounds great being a mermaid. Have a really lovely time my dear.

how did you turn into one and can we chat sometime on Facebook or something?

yes how did u become 1 i wish i was 1

how did u become 1

so your really a mermaid?

What else is on your bucket list?

how did you do it?