i slept on my dreads funny, and theyre at the horrid lose phase, so i just look like sideshow bob.

my eyes are black because i didnt take my eyeliner off last night, and swollen from all the bloody feathers in our house.

not to mention im wearing a 5 year old Matchless top, and pink velour tracksuit bottom things (i bought them for fancy dress, i swear. theyre just really comfy)


but yes, im a mess. im scared to go out for a *** incase my neighbours see me. or i give my cat a heart attack.

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
9 Responses Sep 5, 2008

is this for jim? that sucks...<br />
ive been given my signing on times.... every second monday, at 9.30.<br />
<br />
i am not happy.

i need to wash my dreads today... not fun<br />
1)it will make them look worse for a while (and im going out tonight and seeing people i havent seen in a year and i dont want to look a state)<br />
2) itll take me hours to dry them and im feeling really lazy.

yeah when i went out my cat just sat in the door way and looked at me like i was mad....

im starting to think i was imagining it... but i swear theres meant to be sun sometime around this time..... its ******* it down here. my cat and I are cowering on the windowsill, with the fire on. <br />
im meant to be on my summer holidays!!!! the fire should not be on.

wow... wander over to the confessions or something, im sure there'll be a guy there who's just been waiting for someone just like you.....

I do, I'm wearing this ****** big sexy nappy and I've got a dummy the size of a ****! <br />
<br />
On a pink ribbon!

as always, im sure.

I look great!

ha, nice.<br />
im now soaking wet too.... and i lost half a joint in the rain.... do you know where our summer went?!