Messy Messy Word Of Mine

 I feel fat, but I'm not fat. All I've eaten in 3 days is 2 slices of pizza. It's not intentional. I am so ******* lazy, I cant even be bothered making a coffee. I cant be stuffed doing the laundry and I'm out of clean underwear, so I just dont bother wearing any. I guess I'll wonder around the house naked once I run out of clean clothes... I feel depressed but I cant cry. I cant sleep. I'm bored but I dont want to do a thing. I embarrassed myself big time on NYE. I only remember half of it, apparently I sang karaoke, stacked it outside the venue in my beautiful cocktail dress(luckily I hadn't run out of underwear at that stage) I passed out in a bush after trying to walk all the way home because there were no cabs. Luckily my husband looked after me and got me home safely. Then at home we had a huge fight that I dont even remember... he said I pushed him over on to one of my paintings. (oil colour, not yet dry) Which explains why I woke up covered in paint... I jumped in the shower which was also covered in paint. I never ever get that drunk and have no idea what hapened. It's the second time we've had pointless stupid drunken fights, so thats the end of excessive drinking for me. I am so embarrassed, I'm not that girl..... or am I? 


Jovalley Jovalley
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 2, 2010

Hey, at least you lead an "interesting life". Lol. Give yourself credit for that! :)