Haha, my boobs always get in the way and I'm constantly dripping stuff down my front when I eat soup and stuff like that.

The worst had to be when I was at a business lunch and I was eating spaghetti. I leaned over the table to point something out but I could tell the guy I was talking to wasn't really listening to me. Then I felt the sauce start to soak through my blouse and I realized why! I'd totally planted my boobs right in my plate.

I laughed it off and went to the bathroom to wipe off the worst of it, but I was stuck in a stained blouse until I could get back to the office to change. I ended up getting really good terms on the deal, though.

I guess it pays to be a messy pig sometimes!
Beccabux Beccabux
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6 Responses Aug 16, 2014

I'm always a messy pig hehe x

Great story...glad it worked out in the end for you!

Would love to have seen this.. And yes, you would definately of got the deal lol :P

Hehe love it! X

Can I lick the food off them please

Oh, that would be even more embarrassing! Unless you take me somewhere private and rip my blouse open, then it'd be kinda hot. Hehe.

Mmm sounds fun and if it dripped between your breasts and went lower I would have to lick it up further down .....:-)

Lol that probably helped you out big time, good thing you made a positive situation out of a normally embarrassing accident

Thank you! Yeah, I've had to learn to do that and it's a good skill to have. I was totally embarrassed at the time and convinced I'd messed up big time, but I pushed all that out of my mind.

That's always the way, isn't it? The worse you try to fight it, the more it happens! Life's funny like that, I guess.