Problematic Mess

i have always had a problem with being tidy, but since having my child, and my partner started back to work it has become very problematic. before when my partner didnt work he did most housework and there was no problem. now he has started back to work, he believes i should be responsible for the housework but i never feel the motivation, the house is such a mess my friends dnt call or even my family, my partner is constantly frustrated with me and the mess i leave everywhere. he even accuses me off puting our child ''at risk'' and is now threatening to leave me and phone the social so he can have custody of our child over mess.

twinkle001 twinkle001
1 Response Apr 21, 2009

Well they do say that chaos on the outside is chaos on the inside....even though we dont feel like doing something we need to discipline ourselves daily...when your child goes to school and then says "i dont feel like it today" its the same thing....some things dont come naturally...have a routine...just do a little bit at a will get there...and it will help all aspects of your life..