It Seems Impossible

Basically ive never gone to any outside help just tried to do it alone thinking i could kick the habbit. I was 18 i had been on dope hard for 2 years so after i saw a night full of hallucinations i called my dad in garland to move in with him .. I had a good run for a couple years till my dad relapsed and started smoking crack and we couldn afford anything.... about that time my grandpa offered to pay my way at ASU if i went with my cousin in about a month or so .. So while my dad was having a late crack night i packed up and took off.. In college i did great no weed no meth untill i visited my home town comanche .. My mom regulalry had a quarter ounce or more of meth so it was unlimited to … [more]
Murphmike88 Murphmike88
22-25, M
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Wow. Your story is so similar to mine that it's scary.