Life On Drugs At 15

To live in the life of a teenager on drugs is not something that turns out to be as fun as it was when you first tried it..... why??? i don't really want to know the answer but what i do know is that it sucks more than anything else when you really want to quit and do what is right and you just aren't physically able to put yourself up to the challenge..One thing i can tell you from experience is that you put yourself in a world that you are the only person you have to support and that life has put you to a battle that is impossible in your mind to be able to succeed.When you are taken away from something that you have been stuck to for almost your whole life it feels as if your world has just ended but don't stop now!!! its only beginning.I promise that if you put forth all your effort to stop using drugs you will begin to notice that there is clean sober fun all around you...take it from me...i know it sucks to be around things that stress you that you are used to just smoking them away..Once you realize that there are other people willing to help you it seems as if your eyes have been closed your whole life...or maybe they were open but you blinked too fast...However you feel this has happened it are the only one who can change it!!

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3 Responses Sep 6, 2009

I started at 14. Well i first did it at age 9 but 14 was wen i started usin reguarly. Im 19 now and i feel like i shuld quit, i need to quit. Wat its doin to my body, my mind, and my family is unbareable. But i dont want to quit.. I kno i shuld want to quit but i dont, and i dont kno y.

wow, i was fifteen when i started using and damn... never thought about quiting til i was in too deep and the only way out was... well the programs...

sounds like you got sober, excellent job and excellent trying to help others.