I Am a Middle Aged Mom

well the first story went missing and just as well .

    life has changed in my house, our last two sons have moved out and we are lost! just the two of us sounded good for so long then it happened and we are lost. you see while raising kids who you are tends to get lost. friends fade away, hobbies die. life is about family, work, bills, and others needs. what then when the demands are gone?

    making new or rekindling old friendships aren't easy. hobbies you liked just don't hold the same luster anymore, jobs are the same old same old or even better is something new. after being a mom for so long where do you begin, school, job market, perhaps babysitting? then of course there's the hubby, he won't find your new interest in his health, job or hobbies much fun! wife not mom for him!

   so where do you belong in the scope of things? there's a new person that needs to emerge, but how, when, where and who?

tillthen tillthen
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

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