Why The Middle Is Always On Top? :)

Quite a positive title for a story for emotional-middle-children...but let us see.

Have you noticed your five fingers? The tallest is located at the middle.
Have you noticed every awarding of a sports ceremony the third place is in the lowest stand and followed by the second place and the first place is at the middle and in the tallest stand.

I am saying that being in the middle is a privilege. Blessed are those who cry for they will be comforted and blessed are they because they have a heart. Yes I am a middle child and I tell you, it's always a struggle being with my big sister and my younger brother. It's always a question full of "why's" and there was never a night during my high school days that I did not cry. I felt unloved, unnoticed, unappreciated and altogether neglected. I always put much effort whatever may it cost me just to grab my parents' attention...particularly my mother for my father cannot be always with us for he is a seafarer. There was one time I faked a 'not-feeling-well' scene in school and ended up in the university clinic where they called my mother. "Stress" was the main reason. And seeing my mother was enough but never got to tell her the reasons why. It is very difficult, painful and stressful being the middle child. You're always teased everyday by your siblings, you don't always get what you want and all the chores are given to you.

Let us see the brighter side of being the middle child. Do you believe in the saying "everything happens for a reason"? More than a reason, how about a purpose? Haven't you thought of that you are placed in the position where you are now because of a purpose?

We are a Christian family and my mom just answered God's calling as a Pastor. And I find my two siblings inattentive in the church. I can see and feel it about their growth and spirit as well. My big sister was a black sheep. She entered rebellion during her high school days thought all the things she asked for are given to her, all the praises and all. As my little brother grew, so was his violence. That is maybe because he was spoiled and he grew watching wrestling and playing in his playstation as well. My purpose as having this gift of a humble heart is to pray for them and be an instrument for a change in their lives. And I know if I just dwell in God's presence and listen to Him I will be alright.

Yes I have been complaining, I fret and I even cursed. But now I ponder.
I was given all the chores because I thought my parents trusts me that I can do and finish the work. My parents don't give me want I want because I thought they know that I will understand and be contented of what I have.
Knowing my purpose as a middle child, I am happy because I know God loves me. And so do you! (: There is so much to be thankful for! Trust God in BAD times because HE will satisfy you and meet your needs and consider it pure joy if you face trials for your perseverance grows. :)

God bless you middle child! :)
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3 Responses Sep 22, 2012

i'm so touched by how you put a positive outlook on being a middle child cause i am one too.

Haha thanks this put a smile on my face!! I too am a middle child of a older sister and younger brother also a Christian family and I feel unimportant and undervalued but I know that this will make me stronger #middlechild #theyrock lol

thank you for your time reading my story :) God bless indeed!