Smack Dab.... the middle. I have an older sister and a younger brother! I can relate to most middle child stories and I hate when people ask if I have "middle-child syndrome".
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Would you mind filling in this survey? Its in relation to a school project about middle children. I would really appreciate all the responses I could get, it remains completely anonymous. :)

I can too I am a middle child

ha ha ha

I get that all the time... But I have learned to accept it and use to my benefit! I am not quite in the middle... I started with an older half sister and younger brother. Then I got an older step brother, a younger step sister and a younger step brother. I was the 'older' middle child and then my mom went and had another baby (boy) and no I am not sure!!! But I grew up as the middle child and am proud to say that I have middle child syndrome!!!

Middle Child syndrome? I feel like I am in the dark with this one...