Balancing Act

I am a middle child. I have an older sister and a younger sister. It's just now that I'm starting to understand my role in my family. Growing up I've always felt left out, however, these days I've been playing the role of the middle person...haha! I mediate between any two people clashing in my family. I guess being in the middle has helped me learn how to see things from both sides...I used to think I was the unstable one in the I think i'm the sanest one...haha! (if my family ever gets to read this...i want you to know that i love you all...hehe)
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Lol I find this very true in some cases. Usually for some reason, us middle children are considered the "odd" ones in the family. I have no clue why, but of ll middle children I've met, all of them said that they weren't like their family, including myself. I guess we stand as the neutral ones seeing what the exact problem is when family fights occur. I'm right in the middle of a spat between people who take care of me. I live with my grandparents and my mom and dad live in different houses. My grandparents keep yelling at me for the bills being so high, but that's my mom's job. My dad's really cool but he was the one who left in the first place and doesn't give a rats butt when it comes to anything important that has to do with school, activities, etc. Then my mom says she loves us, but she tells us that doesn't want to come home because of my grandparents always yelling, but I know the truth is that she has a boyfriend back at her place. All of them want me to choose their side about who's the best person to take care of me. But I can't because I believe all three sides are wrong in at least one way. *shrugs* I'm sorry, but as the one who doesn't speak at all, but listens, it's true..

I am a middle child, have an older sister and a younger sister. Haven't spoken to them since my mother passed away. Before that it was always why can't you be like the older one why can't you be like the younger one. I never liked being the middle child and for five years I have basically been an only child, now that both parents have passed.<br />
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My mother told all three of us when they where gone we where all that would be left, they have a great relationship, they want nothing to to with me. In Essence I feel like an only child having no real role as a sibling or middle child

i glad you understanding you role as a middle child