Sick and Tired

My name is Brittane and im the middle and oldest child. i am the middle for my mother and the first born for my father. My mom had my older sister when she was in college. Me and my older sister are seven years apart and me and my younger sister are 14 months apart. So i am expected to play the older " set the standard for the baby gurl (whos just went 12 by the way) role" and also the "apologize first because iyour the middle child role" as well. my older and younger sisters are geniuses and im the one who has the D's and F's in the core subject. i get introuble for what my little sister does even if im in my room on the computer or whatever. no matter where i am i somehow get into the mix of everything. and for some reason my mother says she doesn't know who to believe and then goes by my sisters word and not my own. which actually goes against what she always says. My little sister always finds a way to wiggle out of everything and that isnt even something i can even consider. my older sister is the 4.0, med school, trophies everywhere person. my mother cant deal with my grades the way  any other mother would becuase of her high expectations she's set for my two other sisters. and she wants me to follow or get with the program. i am fairly happy its just those tiny moments that gets my wired up, like after school because i know shes going to go check my grades on the internet (edline). so im kinda anticipating a bunch of noise from her at 5:30. while my father on the other hand completely understands. he only encourages me and finds ways to help me improve and i rarely get into trouble with him. even though with my mother its sort of a ritual, to-be-expectated-everynight thing. she only focuses on my bad grades and not my excellent grades like the b+ i have in bible (christian school) or the a+ i have in science and keyboarding, or the c i have in language arts (very good whose always had a d in english). so basically nothing i do satisfies her. so i just want to know how to make it better becuase if it wasnt for my father i would have snapped a long time ago, so im just looking for some serious-definately-gonna-work-no-doubt-about-it advice. plz plz plz help!

BrittBritts BrittBritts
Mar 6, 2009