What About Me??

I'm young. I'm also a middle child. I have a 2 almost 3 year old brother, a 14 almost 15 year old sister, and my moms pregnant with a girl. So technically not a middle child but i have been. noone else in my family can relate to that though. So whenever i try to talk to my mom about how i feel under appreciated and stuff like that she says im using it as a crutch. She'll just never understand. Yes i am lazy, i dont do much but, im only a kid. Im not the smart, popular,rock music lovin, cheerleader like my sister. Im not the sneaky, funny, entergetic, boy, like my brother. And im not NEW AND EXCITING!!, like my unborn baby sister. Alot of problems have risen with me lately. Im not well trusted, I have no true bestfriend, im almost failing science, and i dont feel appreciated and special. There is a concert that i want to go to that doesnt cost much that i might not get to go to cuz my sister. See my sister needs to raise 5000 dollers for a trip to europe and my parents will prolly end up paying half of it. Plus she needs glasses and braces, Pluse i have a brothers still in dipers andd another baby will be here soon to take more time and money. And i hate how when i think about in i was never the one who got the BIG things. i had two expensive things in my life that none of my siblings had 1.A $250 concert that im thankful for and 2.A $150 nintendo ds that my parents let my brother break! I am grateful for what i have but i still feel like my siblings get more. Like today i went up to my mom talking about possibly taking acting lessons next summer, its something i always wanted to do, and of course my mom said "well i dont know about that i mean we'll have the new baby, and your sisters trip, and she needs braces!". ughhh!! Oh and have your parents ever pulled that thing on you where you want something your older sibling has or want to go to the mall by yourself cuz your older sibling gets to and your parents say"are you 14 yet?"!!?? I HATE THAT!! so, so far thats my struggles with being a middle child!

Peace,love,and happiness,


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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Just saystop and look how much money and time that goes into your brothers and sisters and say that i have nothing and this is un heathly for my childhood and i need someone to help me and do things about me because its not cool and its just not fair and i am the yonugest and its all about the bother in 7 grade and my sister in cloo

Sorry in collge and its not fair i got stragit As and my brother got Band A and he gets 1000 dollors not fair and fourth grade is hard so its not fair and i know how you feel

I have been treated that way for my entire life, I'm a middle child. I'm 19 and my family is on the outs with me right now. I haven't talked to them in 3 days, I haven't seen them in about a 4 days.