First Internship

So I feel like the title tells it all. I am currently in my first internship in a middle school science class room. i teach six classes of 7th grade and one class of 8th grade. The best way i can explain this experience is overwhelming. I am only there two days a week and i have 130 students and a good chunk of them have behavioral issues or dont speak english or home issues and i just dont know how to adress it all. And to top it off Im not the most assertive person in the world and am having a horrible time managing the classroom. To be completely honest some of my kids scare me. My first period class is a behavioral support class. Almost everyone of those kids have a learning IEP or a behavoral plan. Its crazy!!!!

So anyone have any advice?????
christy0590 christy0590
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1 Response Feb 19, 2012

Well you have it hard that is for sure.I am no teacher so I have no advice other than to encourage you to do your best and thank you for being there for other people that have issues.Your job must be so hard and I admire you for doing it.I hope you go to the principal and ask for advice or some of the other teachers.Ask them for advice,maybe one has taught the class before you came along.