I Am Engaged To Be Married!!

Well it has been a while since i have written on here! I just wanted to let everyone know i am now engaged to be married in a couple years! I am waiting till i am done with high school and college before we plan a wedding! I cannot wait till this day and I wish Steve would come home so much sooner but i know he will be so much strnger and his attitude will be brighter and better when he gets home! He needs a good kick in the tush to get those positive thoughts flowing again lol! But i seriously love this kid with all of my heart and cannot wait to finally be in his arms again and feel his gentle touch!(: He also proposed to me in a letter and over the phone when he got the chance to call! Now i have to face his mom and step dad tonight and see what both of them say, but his mom says he loves me and always will and supports any decision we want to make! (Besides having a baby, but i dont want one yet!!! YIKESS!!) But i just thought i should share that with all of you cause all of your stories help me get through this 4 and a half month period! I love you Stephen Mark<3
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I'm also engaged to a military man and its frustrating not having him around at times. I just had a miscarriage and he was not even around to support me.