Found Out Today When He Gets Deployed ... Going A Little Crazy !

Mine leaves in august, i found out today during my 4th period class, i have no idea how i'm going to handle it, i mean its hard enough him being stationed half way across the world but at least when he's is home he can talk to me every night, right now hes in Latvia (there calling it a deployment) with minimal communication today when i found out the date he would be leaving for afgan. was the first time i heard from him in days he gets back to Germany in November  nd it'll have been a months since i seen his face i'm already going crazy, how am i going to deal when he's deployed to Afghanistan, i don't know what i'm going to do, anyone have advice i could totally use friends in the same boat as me these days, it seems like no one here understands!
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3 Responses Oct 22, 2010

Hey sweety stay strong in here for u if anything I now what u going threw mine just got back from Iraq but u can always massage mi so we can talk I'm here for u

Im sorry to hear that. Just remember to stay strong and that there are people here who support you if you ever need anything. And please remember that posting dates of your soldiers movement when it comes to deployment dates and dates that they return home is not a good idea. This is a link for the OPSEC rules.

I'm here if you ever need support! My boyfriend leaves for Bootcamp Aug 22 and i found that out in school also and i started crying. I'm dreading that day :(<br />
Remain strong <3